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adonis golden ratioReviewed By Nelson M.

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If you are looking for a muscle building program to transform your body I guess that you already heard about The Adonis Effect program (also known as the Adonis Index system or the Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program) by John Barban and Kyle Leon – one of the most popular fitness programs available online these days.

You probably already checked some reviews on the Adonis Effect online and I bet that at least 95% of them told you the Adonis Index system is the easiest way to get the body women want and the best way to transform your body fast and naturally.

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you but you should not believe to all of these “fake reviews” on the Adonis Effect program.
After all, in these days it’s pretty easy for people to post fake testimonials and reviews on blogs, forums and so on.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that John Barban and Kyle Leon do that but I’m pretty sure that 85-90% of the people that reviewed the Adonis Index program didn’t even try the Adonis Effect program for one day!

I started following the Adonis Index system few months ago and in this Adonis Effect review I will try to share with you my own thoughts about the Adonis Index program and to present you some of the pros and cons that I’ve found so you can understand better if the Adonis Effect system is actually for you or not.

Note that this is just my personal review, if you are looking for the official site of the Adonis Effect or if you want to try the Adonis Index system for a special and limited time price (including full money back guarantee), simply Click Here.

Now, let’s firstly understand what the Adonis Index program exactly is.

What Exactly Is The Adonis Index System?adonis index


Created by John Barban and Kyle Leon – two of the most respected fitness experts in the world, the Adonis Effect is a step-by-step system that takes a completely unique approach to muscle-building and focus on something known as “The Golden Ratio”.

The Golden Ratio, many times called the Adonis Index, the Adonis ratio or the perfect ratio, is the number 1.618 that occurs an astounding number of times throughout nature and can also be referred to the ratio of a male’s shoulders to his waist.

According to several scientific researches, females are attracted to the strength and symmetry displayed by a male when his body exemplifies this “Golden Ratio”, and this is exactly the main theory that the Adonis Index program is based on.

The authors of the Adonis Effect program claim that their Adonis Index system will teach you step-by-step how to achieve this Golden Ratio through complete diet and exercise program which are tailored to your specific body shape, and moreover, they actually promise that you will learn how to gain muscle in specific areas of your own body while still losing weight to create this perfect shape fast and without any drugs.

Bold claims, but is it really true? Can you really achieve the Golden Ratio with the Adonis Index system?

Well, to answer this question and to understand better if the Adonis Effect is actually for you let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the Adonis Index system.

The Adonis Effect – The Pros Of The Programadonis effect guarantee


Based On Proven Techniques And Scientific Researches

I personally believe that one of the biggest problems for many people who try to transform their body is the fact that they simply get the wrong information.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misleading information online these days and many “so claimed fitness gurus” teach unhealthy methods that will also give you results just in the short term.

One of the best things about the Adonis Effect system is that it is based on a real world results and many scientific researches, and this program uses only safe and proven methods which will lead to long lasting results, naturally and without any risk.

The Adonis Effect Offers Great Level Of Customization

One of the biggest advantages of the Adonis Index System is the program’s level of customization.

Inside the Adonis Effect main guide there are nine different nutrition programs for 3 months and also three different exercises programs for the same period, and you can actually choose the best program for you based on your shoulder height to waist ratio.

This great level of customization is a big advantage and it can help any user, including you, to get much better results in less time.

Build Lean Muscle Body And Not “Puffy Muscles”

One thing I noticed is that most of the muscle-building programs on the internet these days teach you how to get as much muscle as possible.

Well, if you want to get these big “Puffy Muscles” it’s OK, however if you want to build lean muscle and to get attractive body these programs won’t help you.

The creators of the Adonis Effect program understood that the big and bulky look does not necessarily equate to physical attractiveness and in their Adonis Index System they show you step-by-step how to achieve your ideal v-shaped torso and to avoid these big “puffy muscles”.

Let You Calculate Your Own Adonis Index In A Breeze

One feature that I have found to be very useful in the Adonis Effect website is the Adonis index calculator.

To determine your very own Adonis index all you need to do is to go to the Adonis Effect website and input some details like your height and shoulder width, and with one click of a button the Adonis index calculator will return your very own Adonis Index, it’s simple as that!

The Adonis Effect Comes With 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Adonis Index program comes with 60 days of full money back guarantee and if for any reason this muscle-building program won’t help you to get your desired results then you can get a full refund.

I personally believe that this is a decent guarantee and it can tell about the quality of the Adonis Effect system and the confidence that John Barban and Kyle Leon have in their muscle-building program.

The Adonis Effect – The Cons Of The Programadonis effect

It Is Not An Easy Program

I personally believe that the Adonis Index training program is not an easy program and some people may find several of the exercises inside the Adonis Effect guide to be quite difficult for them.

It takes some time to get into the groove of the Adonis Effect program and because of that it is highly recommended to take it easy in the beginning.

The Lack Of Stretching Exercises In The Guide

Stretching exercises will not help you to build lean muscle and to get the golden ratio, however they will minimize the risk of different injuries.

There is a lot of great information and many examples of stretching exercises online, However in my opinion the Adonis Effect main guide could be better if there will be a section of recommended stretching exercises in it.

Can Be Purchased Only Online

Right now you can only purchase the Adonis Effect program online and you won’t find this product at health & fitness stores.

The Bottom Line – Should You Try The Adonis Effect Program?adonis index system

In one word – Maybe.

Sorry, but this is my real answer and I will explain you why.

Firstly, I must admit that I’ve found the Adonis Index system to be extremely useful for me and so far I am really happy with the results.

I personally believe that the Adonis Effect system is one of the very few muscle building programs which outlines the real science behind what makes the perfect man physique “perfect” and I haven’t seen any muscle building program who create a customized diet and workout routine to achieve the perfect body in such an impressive way as the Adonis Index system so far.

However, the Adonis Index program is NOT a “magical solution” or something like that and you must understand that it takes time, dedication and hard work to get ripped and transform your body.

If you are looking for one of these hyped up muscle building programs who promise that you will get a perfect body in only two weeks then I must warn you – the Adonis Effect is not for you!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a real muscle building program that offers proven methods and you are willing to put in the efforts required toward the actual goal of having your perfect body, then there is no doubt that the Adonis Effect program is absolutely for you.

This is one of the most comprehensive muscle-building programs available for men on the internet today and the amazing results of the Adonis Index system talk by themselves.

Moreover, with the full money back guarantee and the special limited time price of the Adonis Effect program there is really nothing to lose and you can actually start following the Adonis Index system without any risk even today!

Click Here To Get The Adonis Effect Program At The Lowest Price Ever And Find Out How To Achieve The Golden Ration And How To Get Your Perfect Body Today!

I hope that my Adonis Index review was helpful for you, feel free to post a comment or to contact me via the contact page if you have any question about the Adonis Effect program.

In addition, feel free to check the video below, it contains a nice review that I’ve found on YouTube which gives a little more information about Kyle Leon and John Barban’s Adonis Golden Ratio program.

All the best!





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